NativeScript-Updater (On Sale)
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Price: $199.95 $169.95

 Special Pre-Release Price.

Have you wanted to be able to push out new updates to you Android and iOS NativeScript app, without going through the Google or Apple store.  Now you can, easily do it.   Not only that it is so flexible you can do A/B testing, limited rollouts, or just simply a slow drizzle update process.  This simple plugin gives you full control over everything.

- Choose when to check for updates
- You can override the status dialog box with your own easily
- Status callbacks for status
- Can send the update status request with many variables
- Can send the actual download request with many variables
- Automatic self-checking to verify files downloaded aren't corrupted
- Ability to either hot-patch or restart app (android)/notify to restart(ios)
- Can upgrade and add to the app anything except the compiled resources (anything in the app_resources folder).

Includes demo app that shows getting updated in real time.

Server side Comes with sample PHP script implementation.  
- Shows how to process variables
- Shows how to tell app which version to download
- Shows how to send files securely