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Price: $199.95

 Have you noticed that if you set your font to 14 point on a iPhone 5, that it looks like 12 point on an iPhone 7; or even worse like 5 point on an iPad? 

Same issues occur on Android devices; each resolution display can have a totally different font scaling.    

This can be useful with some apps; but in a lot of apps it is  terrible.  You want your interface to look at least somewhat the same across all the devices it is installed on.

This plugin allows you to set your font size once and the fonts will automatically scale to the same size no matter if you are on a tiny device or the top of the line device with a extremely high resolution.

Simple install it in your app, and let it work its magic.

You have the ability to set it to be 
* dynamically disabled
* enabled (one size for all devices)
* enabled one size for phones and a different size for all tablets.

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