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Price: $99.99

 Do you want a fully controllable camera plugin for NativeScript?

The Camera Plus plugin offers:
  • Camera is embeddable in a Layout
  • Ability to embed any additional NativeScript controls inside the camera view.
  • Built in buttons, or you can use your own.
  • Ability to control Flash - Ability to programmatically control camera.
  • iOS & Android.
  • Demos in both Plain NativeScript and Angular NativeScript.
  • Includes typings.
  • Ability to choose image from library/gallery.
  • Several easy to use events for your convenience.
  • Ability to allow user to confirm the picture before saving.
  • NativeScript 2.x and 3.x support.

We have three sample demo gif's showing off functionality; these are fairly large, so you need to Click them to view them.


Click on any Picture to see a Larger Picture!