NativeScript-SQLite Commercial & Encryption
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Price: $599.95 $499.95

 If you need database access on your device; look no further!  This plugin allows easy access to the SQLite database drivers built into iOS and Android.  

To develop a driver that does all this, is worth well over the price in just your time alone...  What is your sanity and data really worth?    This is a fully tested, supported and debugged SQLite driver that is fully compatible with both iOS and Android, has multithreading, data replication, encryption and a whole host of other well tested cool features...  

This plugin is the encrypted & commercial version which has these addition features: 
  • TypeScript Definitions
  • Drop in compatible with free version
  • Multilevel Transaction support
  • Prepared Statements
  • Multiple queries per promise
  • Full database Encryption
  • Multi-threading
  • Data Replication
  • Access to Private repo
  • (Coming soon - Full NoSQL support)
  • Free upgrades for life
Installation is as simple as: 
   tns plugin add nativescript-sqlite-commercial

Features in Depth:
TypeScript Definitions, this allows you to rapidly build your application in a bug free way.  TypeScript has all the calls are available to your editor to help you quickly get your database access quickly coded properly.

Transaction Support - This allows you to create transactions and roll them back if something fails.   Supports multiple levels of transactions, so you can even commit several levels and then rollback later levels which will undo everything to that point.

Prepared statements, allow you to create a sql statement that you then can run multiple times just passing in the values; this is much faster than having to parse the sql each time, ad

Multithreading, The open source version of this driver all SQL is ran on the main thread you see your application freeze when it is doing anything that takes any time.  If your SQL query takes to much time; your application can even bring up the ANR (Application Not Responding) dialog and be killed by the OS.   Multithreading allows all your SQL to be off the main thread; so your application is smooth.  You app doesn't even have to change; you call the query from the main thread and it is automatically pushed off the main thread and the results are returned to the main thread.

Multiple Queries per call; this allows you to do things like `DB.get([query1, query2, query3]).then(results)`...   All the results are available in your then(or callback) as a array of results in the order you passed in your query...   This is way way simpler and uses way less code than doing multiple promises...
db.get(query1).then( (res1) => { db.get(query).then(res2) { // use res1/res2 }

Full Database Encryption; this allows your database to be fully encrypted at all points in time.  All data is encrypted while in use and while the app is not running.   Extracting the database from the phone is useless without the password used to encrypt it..

Database Replication: This allows you to have local sqlite table(s) automatically be sync'd to whatever database backend server (and vise-versa).   Simple to get working, powerful in implementation.    Can even use it to update your tables data on new installs..

Drop in Compatible: just install this; and all your existing sqlite code continues to work exactly the same way.   You might want to enable the multithreading, but that is just a simple additional option you pass into the constructor...

Free Upgrades for Life: since we started shipping this; we have never charged for upgrades.  People who started got Encryption, Database Replication, Multitasking, Multiple Queries all for no additional charge as we enhanced this plugin

Private Repo: Get to see the new features as they are developed, pull the source code for any piece you want, and even suggest new features for it...

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