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 Have you wished you could dynamically load in a part of your Declaritive UI XML file?   Do you want to keep your pages really clean?   Do you have some really complex XML that you don't really need to show most the time?   DynamicLoader can help you by allowing you to load and unload a section of Declarative UI XML (& its associated JavaScript) totally on demand dynamically.   

Some possible uses for this:
  • - A static part of the page; and then dynamically loading/unloading the dynamic part of the page instead of navigating to a whole new page.
  • - Dynamically loading slide or tab content.
  • - Dynamically loading hidden content when it is needed to be displayed.

It is as simple as:

  • - Supports loading as complex of XML as you want.
  • - Will auto-load its supporting JavaScript file.
  • - JavaScript is treated as its own independent module.
  • - Ability to dynamically unload anything dynamically loaded.
  • - Ability to attach the dynamically loaded layout items to ANY existing layout item that allows children.
  • - Exact same events are present and working
  • - Fully integrated into NativeScript
  • - Ability to Dynamically Load/Unload full tabs for a TabView
  • - Full Sample application w/ full source available on

EVERYTHING inside the blue box is 100% dynamically loaded and unloaded!    This sample shows me dynamically loading the next content; using Animation to hide the existing content and show the new content, and then I call dynamicUnload() on the old content.

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