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Price: $499.95 $399.95

 This component allows you to print to the Bluetooth, USB or Networked Star printers from iOS and/or Android.  

- The driver is fully threaded so all printing occurs in a background thread on both iOS and Android.
- Automatic detection of bluetooth printers.
- Easy to use API, or talk directly to the printer using passthru
- Easily prints barcodes, text, graphics, etc.
- Can send raw code directly to printer; for any items that aren't directly supported by the fairly detailed JS api.
- Same api on both iOS and Android, so write it once in NativeScript and the app prints on both platforms identically.
- Supports printing ANY font installed in your app.
- Demo application and Documentation
- 100% source provided.
- 100% compatible with Zebra and Epson print driver

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Additional Printer Drivers
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